• New, precise and user-friendly transmitter for precise drinking water flow measurements

Drinking Water

New, precise and user-friendly transmitter for precise drinking water flow measurements

Nov 03 2023

NIVUS has launched the highly precise NivuFlow 600 WS, a non-contact flow measurement system for drinking water applications, that is easy to install, without the need to halt the process.

The IP68 clamp-on sensors are attached to the pipe from the outside. This simple mounting process means that there is no need to open and, in some cases, cut and then flush the pipe. The sensors do not contact the drinking water so maximum hygiene is guaranteed, so the NivuFlow 600 WS is therefore ideal for retrofitting to existing systems.

Commissioning is quick and easy because of the menu-supported sensor alignment. The measurement system can be used in all conventional pipe materials and pipe linings and can also be installed directly into the ground with no need for a shaft structure. As NIVUS’ new instrument can monitor the most important parameters including flow rate, flow velocity and temperature, it offers operators comprehensive control options. The transmitter’s intuitive operating concept not only enables quick and easy commissioning but also on-site diagnostics; with its IoT-ready function and global 4G connection, NivuFlow 600 WS is designed for constant and instant availability and digital services.

This innovative device provides an extremely high level of measuring accuracy even at the lowest flow velocities, features comprehensive measurement dynamics, and is also capable of performing bidirectional measurements. The versatile NivuFlow 600 WS is the perfect instrument for taking flow measurements in drinking water tanks, pumping stations and treatment plants, as well as leakage monitoring in drinking water networks while simultaneously monitoring temperatures necessary for hygienic applications.

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