• Achieve zero solvent emissions in your lab

Environmental Laboratory

Achieve zero solvent emissions in your lab

Nov 08 2023

Solvent emissions are the cause of many occupational diseases, as well as breakdowns and malfunctions in the lab. Failures are expensive if they cause interruptions and maintenance work. SCAT’s Safety Caps effectively block solvent vapours and facilitate clean, safe, and precise analysis. These innovative devices have made it easy to protect the health of technicians in the laboratory while saving time and money.

This system blocks solvent vapours and keeps eluents clean. It protects your health, benefits the environment, and improves the accuracy of your analytical process. The solvent mixing ratios remain stable because there is no evaporation.

Solvent vapours are highly dangerous; they are toxic, flammable, and hazardous to health. They can leak through the smallest openings. Long-term exposure, even in the smallest of concentrations in the lab is a significant health risk. Hermetically closed systems completely eliminate solvent emission; when extracting the eluent, the SCAT air valve guarantees pressure equalisation to avoid excessively low pressure during HPLC analysis. The exhaust filter eliminates overpressure within the collecting container and adsorbs solvent, acid and base vapours by using a combination of 3 types of activated carbon, thus ensuring safety from hazardous HPLC waste.

SCAT’s system provides rest-assured safety and quality in the HPLC lab. Installation is quick and easy in comparison to the tricky process of setting up cumbersome ventilation systems.

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