• Particulate and micropollutant stack analysis built on the wishes of end users 

Stack Monitoring

Particulate and micropollutant stack analysis built on the wishes of end users 

Mar 26 2020

Determination of particulate matter and related micropollutants in stack emissions is arguably the most complex and difficult air sampling task because of particularly harsh working conditions, difficulties related to working at heights, not to forget the substantial amount of unwieldy equipment and material to carry up to the sampling site. 

“How can we improve our equipment?” is the question Dado Lab ask during R&D meetings. Often the best suggestions come from end users because of their experience through everyday use, they can highlight difficulties and offer constructive criticism as well.  

Dado Lab started developing solutions by taking into consideration the most common and annoying issues experienced while on the field, for example: water damaging the sampler, failure of the pump or DGM and flexibility of the sampling line. Solutions to those problems means fewer working days will be lost because of the instrument needing repair or being incapable of completing the task. 
Dado’s  ST5 and ST5 Evo isokinetic samplers have a water sensor which automatically stops the sampler in situations of water being present at the inlet. Preventing water from entering the sampler and the purging operation after the sampling ensure a huge reduction of maintenance costs. In cases of pump failure, Dado samplers are designed so that the pump can be replaced quickly, even in the field of operation. The operator simply removes the failing pump and installs a new one with no need to calibrate the unit after the pump replacement. 

To many of Dado’s customers time is of the essence.  The HP5 probe is designed to have a secondary gas sampling line with standard 6mm Swagelok fittings to be connected to a heated line and  used with gas analysers. When coupled with Dado’s HP1 gas sampling probe, two sampling lines can simultaneously carry out isokinetic sampling of TVOCs with an FID and inorganic species with a gas analyser. 

 Another recurring important issue for Dado’s clientele is data safety The sampling data is the conclusion of the job, losing the data means losing the day and this can happen if they are written on paper or saved on a USB stick, both of which are easy to lose or be corrupted. The ST5 samplers integrate wireless communication with the Dado app, which can download the reports and share them, via email or internet, directly with the laboratory. 

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