• Exhaust particulate analyser achieves PTB approval to further affirm its important role in the European pollution monitoring sector

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Exhaust particulate analyser achieves PTB approval to further affirm its important role in the European pollution monitoring sector

Oct 12 2023

Capelec has announced that its CAP3070 Particle Analyser has received approval from PTB (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt) in Germany. The CAP3070’s new certification, which is in addition to approvals from national regulatory bodies in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland, highlights the instrument’s exceptional performance and adherence to rigorous industry standards.

Capelec’s CAP3070 Particle Analyser is a versatile solution for pollution monitoring. It can be used as a stand-alone system under the Windows platform or in conjunction with Capelec's gas analyser and opacimeter modules, providing flexibility and ease of use to operators.

A key development of Capelec's CAP3070 is its compatibility with the growing demand for particle counting in Periodic Technical Inspections (PTIs) across several European countries. Capelec has introduced a quick and reliable solution for the accurate measurement of particle-number concentration. The CAP3070 operates using the Extended Diffusion Charging measuring principle, a technology that has been developed to support PTI evaluations effectively. This particle counter stands out as an extremely efficient solution to meet the stringent requirements of many new European directives.

The CAP3070 has a robust design, which is insensitive to vibrations and shocks, and highly advanced technology that prevents soot clogging. This analyser operates without the need for operation fluids and features an ergonomic and user-friendly interface. Customers can select either a short (1m) or long (4m) heated probe (100°C) to match their specific requirements, further highlighting Capelec's commitment to tailoring solutions to the requirements of the end user.

Capelec also recently introduced the PTI-PN calibration and adjustment kit which provides a fully traceable solution for the calibration and adjustment of the particle analyser, within the criteria of ISO 17025 standards.

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